A message from the Alumni Association.

Fellow Eagles,

Some things are forever – like being part of Eagle Nation.

Serving our common bonds since 1933, the Georgia Southern Alumni Association fosters
relationships with alumni and friends through programs that promote the growth, progress and
welfare of Georgia Southern.

In representing University alumni, we believe:

      • All graduates should have access to the benefits of the Alumni Association
      • Alumni should remain engaged with the University
      • We are all members of the Eagle Nation family
      • Loyalty to our University is fulfilling
      • Involvement can lead to greater support of the University

Because we believe these things, the Georgia Southern University Alumni Association is
discontinuing its membership dues program. We are welcoming all 75,000 alumni as full
members - a lifelong investment in Georgia Southern that centers on engagement and gives all
alumni equal access to the Association’s programs and services.

In a dues-paying Association, alumni are sometimes confused by the difference between “dues”
and “gifts” and what each supports. Our non-dues membership ends the perception that the
Alumni Association exists only for paying members and it allows us to reach more graduates
with a consistent message of support for Georgia Southern.

One thing that isn’t changing is your role as a loyal alumnus/alumna. Although we won’t be
asking you for membership dues, we will continue to rely on your support – attending events,
volunteering for alumni programs and making a gift to the University.

No matter where you are in the U.S. or around the world, chances are there is a loyal
group of alumni just around the corner. The Alumni Association will help you find them, join in
activities, and share the satisfaction of celebrating and supporting what Georgia Southern has
meant to you.

Remember: “This is Georgia Southern University, and we are the Eagle Nation.”

Sean Knox ’98                                                 Wendell Tompkins, Jr. ’87    
President                                                          Executive Director                
Georgia Southern Alumni Association       Georgia Southern Alumni Association

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